Progress through research

We are extremely delighted to relay that the incredible team at Moorfields Eye Hospital in the United Kingdom has made a breakthrough in the management of Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration (Dry AMD). 

AMD is a condition that affects cells at the back of the eye. We see by light entering the eye and being received at those cells. If those cells are damaged or die, then we can’t see. 

The Technological Breakthrough

Moorfields have been able to insert a tiny microchip into the eye to replace the cells. The chip is connected to glasses which capture vision and begin a process using AI to send electrical signals to the brain to help form an image. 

This is certainly a great step forward from an incredible team and it’s moments like this where we see hard work pay off. But we still have a way to go. That’s why we were founded to and continue to commit part of the profits from our spectacles to eye research. 

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