Imagine a modern spectacle company founded by an expert...

This isn't just another clothing fashion brand making spectacles. We believe eye care should be in the hands of experts with a passion and focus rooted in expertise. Our company was founded by an expert British Optician with over a decade of experience seeing patients. 

We noticed that Optometry has seen an influx of fast-fashion brands that lack a true understanding of eye health, and are instead focused on maximising revenues through just another outlet. Here at Cambridge Spectacle Co, we truly understand what constitutes quality. Taking care of your vision and leading the optical industry with initiatives to advance eye research is our full time commitment. We are more than just another brand; we are a team of Optometrists who are passionate about eye health, and provide our customers with the trust and value they deserve. Whether it's through carefully crafting spectacle frames, or talking to our community of spectacle lovers, our passion shines through the work we do. 

With our modern design and intelligence, coupled with a passion for optometry, we work hard to bring the best ideas of industry to life. Our spectacles find inspiration through the city of Cambridge, England where the blueprints are laid for the most comfortable and sophisticated designs. Each of our frames is thoroughly inspected by experts before being finished with our trademark signature. We collaborate with only the highest level professionals to bring our frames to you through selected opticians, and directly via our website. 

As a clinician-led company, we dedicate ourselves to the belief that every individual on the planet has the right to sight. That's why we commit part of our profits to our research initiative. This isn't just about fashion. It's about working together with eye health professionals and the support of our customers, as a community, to ensure we are all taking care of each other’s sight.

Our job is, has been and will always be to take care of your vision.