Let’s work together to end preventable eye disease.

When we were founded, we asked ourselves how we could have a positive impact on patient lives beyond our beautiful spectacles. As our optometrists discussed the challenges the world faces, we felt that research into eye disease was a global challenge that we could address.

That’s why we have committed to a spectacles for research policy. Each frame bought by our customers commits money towards helping fund eye research.

We believe that we as an industry have been trusted to, and, are ultimately responsible for taking care of the planet’s sight.

Which areas do we focus on?

Through our partnership with St Paul’s Eye Research Foundation, we commit funds and resources through spectacle sales to the following areas: 

Bio and data resource facilities - to help ethically create a bank of ocular tissue enabling our partners to carry out ground-breaking research. 

Improve the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of patients - by creating a social science and psychology team to work with patients and gain an understanding of their perceptions of eye disease

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing

Analysing genes - to allow us to discover the root causes of eye disease and tackle diseases earlier preventing sight loss. 

Invest in new technologies - to increase the range of detection, diagnosis and treatment methods to tackle eye disease for now and future generations.

Cambridge Spectacle Co was born out of a mission to help the world see better and shape a beautiful future. Join us in helping us achieve our collective goals.

To learn more about our commitment to research email: projects@cambridgespectacle.com