What Glasses does Ian Wright Wear?

It can be difficult to find an iconic influencer more famed for fashion than their trade, but Ian Wright has been making waves with his recent style choices. One necessary accessory in particular that he is becoming more noticed for are his spectacles. 

Ian wears glasses effortless ease, as if he was born wearing them. Recently he was spotted sporting a pair of glasses crafted by our team here at Cambridge Spectacle Co. 

We keep getting asked, which pair of spectacles were these? So, the answer: Prince by Cambridge Spectacle Co.

Prince Glasses Worn by Ian Wright

Above Model: Prince as worn by Ian Wright MBE

Ian looked the business in these and they may also have provided a bit of luck for him. The day he first wore this model was when his beloved Gunners, Arsenal FC played against an in-form Newcastle Utd. The Gunners were able to secure a comfortable win to challenge once again for the Premier League title. 

See the incredible reaction below:


It may be too late for Arsenal but if Ian wears the spectacles more often next year, they could just be the lucky charm the North London club need. 

Meanwhile, the Arsenal legend has also been spotted in Regent whilst on BBC's Match of the Day (MOTD).

Ian Wright Glasses Cambridge Spectacle Co.

Above Model: Regent worn recently on MOTD

Ian has received four other pairs from Cambridge Spectacle Co. These are, Turing, Hinton, Grafton and King.

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