They are your most important assets. Protect their vision.

Being a fast growing business ourselves, we understand the demand placed on employee eyesight. Let us take care of your team's vision with our professional UK-wide business eyecare service.
How our Corporate Service Works

Fill in the form below and a member of our corporate Optometry team will call to review and assign an Optometrist to your business

Our Optometry team will visit your business and carry out eye exams
We fit the best pair of spectacles from our beautiful range, and post them to your employee



Isn't there a lot of big equipment involved, does our business need to provide this? 

Don't worry, we have all the equipment and tech we need. You just need to provide a small room for us to use for the day. We'll do the rest with our sophisticated portable equipment. 

How does this differ from us sending our staff over to an optician?

Our service was founded with expertise in mind. As such, we feel that visiting your employees in their workplace will allow us to complete a thorough eye examination with a vocational element. This will allow us to tailor visual needs to workplace requirements alongside everyday needs.  

Who carries out the eye exam?

We will send over one of our experienced, GOC registered Optometrists. Apart from being professional, they're super friendly and have great patient manner.

We're sure your employees will be thrilled with their tailor made eyecare perks. If there is anything else at all you need to ask, feel free to discuss with a member of our corporate eyecare team: